See what our students have said.

Kate H.

Amy K.

"Deciding to do my dental nurse training via the national diploma course was absolutely the best decision I could have made. Tutors, Bob, Fay and Krista, were fab and I couldn’t have asked for a better knowledge and support network. Every week was different but always interesting - whether it was Fay teaching in a French accent or Bob somehow linking SpongeBob SquarePants to dentistry - I was confidently able to go back to my surgery and put the knowledge I learnt, into context."

"I was very fortunate when I started to train as a dental nurse as I worked with Bob, Krista and Fay. Their support and dedication as clinicians has led them to become passionate tutors. In my many years dental nursing I have never met anyone more passionate about dentistry and teaching dental nurses than Fay. She not only teaches you the knowledge you need, she inspires you to push yourself to do more. Being one of only a few dual qualified dental nurses I can honestly say that without the knowledge gained from this course and the support from Fay, Bob and Krista, I wouldn't be in the position I am today."

Tom H.

"With the help and dedication from tutors who are beyond passionate about teaching and promoting the industry I've been successful in qualifying as a dental nurse. Something I thought I would never achieve! Not once did my tutors give up or lose faith in me and for that I couldn't be more grateful."